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Use callouts in Anapedia content to emphasize selected information in a text or on an image.

Text callouts

You can format a text callout in Anapedia within a Warning, Important, or Note tag. Do not place these tags immediately after a heading, or next to each other. 

Format the word Warning, Important, or Note in bold, as well as the associated colon. Write your callout on a single line, for example:

Important: Do not do X thing.

Example of an Anapedia text callout, with a note header and a pencil icon.

It's good practice to avoid placing a lot of text callouts on one page. They can create a cluttered appearance if used to excess, and you'll diminish their impact. 

When to use Warning, Important, or Note  

Text calloutUse case scenario
Warning:Use a Warning tag to signal to the reader where actions may cause damage to hardware or software or loss of data.   
Important:  Use an Important tag to signal to the reader where actions may cause issues of a lower magnitude.
Note:Use the Note tag for information that may not apply to all readers, or if the information is tangential to a topic.

Image callouts

Use numerals and a legend for image callouts, formatted in a single color. Avoid the use of text in images. Remember to note image callouts in your alt text description.

Example of a an image callout with numerical annotations and a legend.
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