When you work with numbers in content, the following guidelines apply:

  • Spell out the numbers one to nine, except in units of measure such as 4 MB.
  • Represent numbers with two or more digits as numerals (10, 625, 773,925).
  • Recast a sentence, rather than begin it with a number (unless it's a year).
  • When you cite numbers in an example, write them out as they appear in any accompanying screenshots.
  • Write numbers out as they appear in the platform when you cite them in an example.

Use numerals (1, 2, 3, and so forth) in the following situations:

  • In all user interface copy for the product
  • For a timestamp in the user interface (for example, 1 day ago)
  • In units of measure (for example, 4 MB)
  • In headlines
  • For years
  • For ages
  • For coordinates, page numbers, and line references
  • When a passage contains at least two numbers and at least one is 10 or greater

In line with the adoption of American English spelling, use:

  • A period for the decimal place
  • A comma for the thousands separators on long numbers

Note that some countries use a comma, rather than a full stop, to indicate the decimal place. Similarly, some countries use full stops or thin spaces as thousands separators. In Anaplan, the operating system locale dictates the format for decimal places and thousands separators. 

Use a numbered list to stress the sequential nature of steps, rules, or instructions.

Large numbers

When you cite large numbers from Anaplan in an example or procedure, write them out as they appear on the platform.

To refer to large numbers in the abstract (such as thousands, millions, and billions), use a combination of words and numbers. Do not abbreviate numeric signifiers.

For example, for 5,000,000, write 5 million, not 5m or 5M.


Use ordinals for street names (42nd Street), but do not use superscripts for ordinals (20th, not 20th).

Use, and write out, ordinals (fourth, seventy-seventh) in spoken pieces such as speeches and voiceovers.

Use a hyphen when writing out a number that includes two words (seventy-one).

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